Department of Computer Science

Dr. AKINRINOLA Fatimah Yetunde
HOD, Department of Computer Science
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HOD's Welcome Address

The Department of Computer Science Education was established in 2022, offering two programs: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science Education (B.Sc (Ed)) in Computer Science Education. These are 4-year undergraduate programs spanning eight semesters, providing a range of compulsory, elective, and required courses for students within and beyond the College of Information and Technology Education (COITED). The curriculum is designed to cultivate advanced technical skills in problem-solving and application development, fostering essential professional competencies for careers in the IT industry or Teaching, and laying the groundwork for further academic pursuits. The department comprises seventeen (17) academic staff specializing in various fields of Computer Science and Computer Science Education, along with five Computer Instructors, Laboratory Technologists, and three administrative staff members. Dr. Akinrinola Fatimah Yetunde serves as the pioneer Ag. HOD of the Department. Our primary objective is to facilitate students’ mastery of computing and programming skills, and the application of 21st century technological tools for teaching in schools. The Department is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including software computer laboratory, maintenance and troubleshooting laboratory, and a dedicated departmental library. We encourage students to be committed, hardworking, and proactive in utilizing available technologies and opportunities for learning. Welcome to the Department of Computer Science Education, and we wish you a successful academic journey.