College Of Vocational and Entrepreneur Education (COVED)

College Of Vocational and Entrepreneur Education (COVED)


In this discipline area, students study Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education for the award of a Bachelor’s degree in Education COVED.


The Philosophy of Guidance and Counselling is derived from the National philosophy of Education in Nigeria.

The aims and objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To provide a wide background in education as a field of study as basic tool for giving adequate education in guidance to clients.
  2. To expose students to studies in educational psychology and other related disciplines which will enable them adequately perform their functions of guidance counselors. To generally prepare students to be able to undertake the functions of teacher/counselors in other to give academic career and social personal guidance to learners and others in need of such within the educational system.

Academic Programmes

Below are the list of departments under the College of Humanities