The Teaching Practice Board will be constituted with membership drawn from all the Faculties running Education programmes in the University. As a professional institution specialized in Teacher Education, Teaching Practice is a compulsory component of the training for all students. The Board will organize, monitor and assess the programme. Its membership will be drawn from all the Colleges. The Board shall be responsible through the Senate for all is activities.

  1. To establish contact with State Ministry of Education and solicit greater involvement of the school system in the supervision and assessment of pre and in-service teachers during teaching practice.
  2. To prepare pre-and in-service teachers for the exercise and assess the general conduct of supervisors and student-teachers in the management of the challenges of instructional delivery in schools.

 To facilitate and enhance the development of reflective, creative, and IT driven skills in the student-teachers for application during teaching practice and on the job after graduation

  1. The Board will be charged with the following responsibilities:

    1. Organise and monitor teaching practice exercise for undergraduate and other related academic programmes.
    2. Initiate, coordinate and monitor micro teaching programmes required for the preparation of student-teachers for teaching practice on the field.
    3. Assign students and lecturers to schools for practical teaching, supervision and assessment during the teaching practice exercise.
    4. Regular review of assessment instrument for effective and qualitative teaching practice exercise that conforms with current global benchmarks.