Dean’s Welcome Address

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the College of Information and Technology Education, the hub for technologies and 21st century training would-be teachers. The college is saddled with the responsibility of providing solid foundation in science and technology education through dedicated Lecturers. The college has a library, Computer laboratories, Multimedia Resource Centre and technical workshops. I urge you to make effective use of the facilities to enhance your knowledge so that you graduate from the university at the appropriate time with good grades.

More about the College

The College of Information and Technology Education (COITED) was established in 2022 as one of the seven Colleges at Lagos State University of Education. The College presently houses four (4) departments namely; Computer Science, Educational Technology, Library and Information Science and Industrial Technology Education. The College accommodates eight (8) academic programmes domicile in different departments. Students offer courses from the College and other Colleges with cognate disciplines. The programme is intended to provide students with intellectual and professional skills which will enable them carry out their functions confidently and effectively, making the students adaptable to changing academic and professional situation in Nigeria and beyond. The College of Information and Technology Education was established primarily to provide students with an enabling environment suitable to the study of Information and Technology Education. The Dean oversees the activities of the College. He is also the Chairman of statutory committees such as College Board, Appointment and Promotion, College Board of Examiners, Budget and Planning. The committees operate base on Terms of Reference (TOR) and membership cuts across all the Departments in the College.


With current emphasis on self-reliance and job creation for the teaming population, this programme is expected to make significant contribution to the Nigerian Education Industry. Therefore, the college is expected to:
i. Produce graduates who are expected to use technology, apply knowledge and skills to solving theoretical and practical problems for national development and societal needs
ii. Develop twenty-first century knowledge and competences in pedagogy, scientific research, original thinking, technological innovations that will impact the society in micro and macro dimensions thereby realizing the mission of becoming agents of development.
iii. Teach our students the technological and entrepreneurial principles required to raise their level of creativity to meet the needs of the global society
iv. Enable students to acquire necessary teaching and practical skills and other aspects of methodology of teaching their subjects as well as importing knowledge in their field of specializations.
v. Develop our students to be able to demonstrate competency in the handling of various hardware to achieve maximum result for a wide variety of target audience

Department in College of Information and Communication Technology



B.Sc. Ed Computer Science

B.Sc. Computer Science

B.Sc. Ed Educational Technology

B.Sc. Ed Electrical Technology

B.Sc. Ed Automobile Technology

B.Sc. Ed Metal Technology

B.Sc. Ed Woodwork Technology

BLIS. Library and Information Science