College Of Information and Technology Education (COITED)

College Of Information and Technology Education (COITED)


There is a demand on the day Technical Education Teachers to be competent in teaching a variety of courses at the Secondary school level. The programme is to produce competent teachers who can cope with the teaching of Introductory Technology course for the junior secondary school and be competent in at least three of the senior secondary school subjectsnamely:

  • AppliedElectricity
  • Wood/Buildingtechnology
  • Metal Technology
  • AutoMechanics
  • Electrical/Electronics

The Faculties of Education in most Universities, Colleges of Technology and Colleges of Education where Industrial Technology Education is expected to be taught have very few qualified and committed teachers to tech all the identified courses. This paucity of personnel in terms the need for adequately trained Industrial Technology teachers for such position. Beside, with current emphasis on self-reliance and job creation for the teaming population, this programme is expected to make significant contribution to the Nigerian Education Industry.

Therefore the students are expected to:

  • Develop high level skill in the design, production, improvisation of various instructional Technology resources.
  • Acquire teaching skills and appropriate methods needed in importing knowledge in their field of specializations.
  • Demonstrate competency in the handling of various hardware to achieve maximum result for a wide variety of target audience.
  • Gain insights on maintenance of Industrial materials, tools, machines and facility.
  • Develop problem solving and creative thinking abilities.
  • Develop safety consciousness, creativity and good judgment over the use of technology.

Academic Programmes

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