College Of Science Education (COSED)

College Of Science Education (COSED)


Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics education are teacher education programmes meant to produce senior secondary school and college teachers who are knowledgeable in the subject matter areas and methodology of the subjects. They are to have all the relevant skills to succeed in their work. To help them in understanding their students and carry out their work efficiently, they are exposed to relevant general educatory courses such as education curriculum studies etc. They are to also be conversant with industrial application of the subjects.


In line with the above philosophy, the objectives of all science and mathematics education programmes are, to:

  1. enable students to acquire the various concepts, principles, theories laws and conceptional schemes of their relevant subjects;
  2. enable students to acquire necessary teaching and practical skills and other aspects of methodology of teaching their subjects;
  3. help students to become effective classroom teachers;
  4. expose students to industrial applications of their subjects;
  5. acquire the ethics of teaching as a profession;
  6. become professional science and mathematics teachers;
  7. disseminate information in science and mathematics to the society;
  8. develop necessary laboratory skills and;
  9. develop positive values and attitudes for efficient discharge of their duty as teachers.

Academic Programmes

Below are the list of departments under the College of Humanities




  1. According to JAMB directive at the policy meeting held last year. admission and registration for 2022/2023 would be closed for all institutions by April 10. 2023. Based on the above, the University Management is hereby advising all candidates whose admission is yet to be completed to do so on or before Friday, April 8, 2023.
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