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I welcome you to the Directorate of Research, Development & Linkages

Research is critical to the mainstay of every university. It is one of the three core functions of every university, namely, teaching, research and community engagement. Research and scholarship provide opportunities for universities to create new knowledge for themselves, academia and for the country.

The core mandate of the Directorate will be the pursuance of  the implementation of the University Research Policy and facilitate the research efforts of the University which is geared towards fostering a culture of research excellence at the University.

The Directorate is also expected to play active role in the exploration of opportunities for the physical development of the University and establishment of national and international linkages with the University.

The Directoratewill anchor the growth and development of research in the University as well as serve as linkage between researchers in the University and various clientele. It will facilitate the conduct of high caliber research in the university, carry out the sensitization of the public on the research outputs of the University, initiate and ensure collaborative research with institutions, industries and agencies including the private sector within and outside the country, promote and assess the research proposals of staff for grant purposes.

The Directorate shall be headed by a Director appointed by the Vice Chancellor.

  1. To seek strategic partnership with other Universities and organisations, at home and abroad, in order to create strategic global synergy, opportunities and improve on distinctive core competence for mutual benefits.
  2. To meet national and international best practices.
  3. To advise and coordinate the erection of permanent structures within the University campus
  4. To coordinate the establishment of linkages with other national and international institutions and agencies
  5. To promote research excellence in all academic fields at the university and across all the Faculties and Departments.
  6. To promote fruitful linkages between the University and various public or private sector establishments and organizations nationally and internationally for purposes of qualitative manpower training, capacity building, and development.
  7. To provide a platform for effective upgrading and marketing of the University academic programmes at national and international levels, especially through a purpose-oriented curriculum, collaborative research and mutually beneficial staff and students exchange partnerships.
  8. To collate and publicize information on various linkage activities and attainments of the University for the attention of local, national and international beneficiaries, interested stakeholders and target end-users.
  9. To undertake any other roles and assignments as may be determined by the Vice-Chancellor in furtherance of the linkage potentials, opportunities and targets of the University locally, nationally and internationally.
  1. The Directorate has the mandate amongst other things to harness individual research capacity of members of Faculty, identify and promote impactful research within the University, foster impactful research with the business community, as well as, facilitate processes of obtaining research grants for individual and University research. The Directorate is the coordinating unit for all research, development and linkages in the University and this coordination will be carried out through:
    1. Development of policies to support research.
    2. Provision of support for all research grants applications.
    3. Provision of training to enhance research capacities of staff of the University.
    4. Identifying research institutions for corporate collaborations that would strengthen the university’s research capacity.
    5. Organising regular capacity building workshops for staff on research writing and grant seeking to enable them compete for international research grants
    6. Encouraging academic staff to undertake cutting edge research to enhance the rating and visibility of the University as a centre of excellence, by providing provision of research grants and necessary facilities such as books, journals, laboratories, workshops, studios and ICT equipment.
    7. Strengthening the University Research Committee to promote and coordinate research activities in the University.
    8. Consolidating the University Research Ethics Committee to coordinate and regulate all matters pertaining to research ethics and integrity in the University
    9. Initiating and promoting research linkages with reputable institutions and agencies including industry, community, public service and professional organizations within and outside Nigeria.
    10.  Publishing research findings of academic staff annually to attract funding from various sources.
    11. Sourcing overseas placement for academics to gain more experience from more experienced colleagues.
    12.  Supporting staff attendance at short training courses and learned conferences.
    13.  Encouraging academic departments to host learned conferences on campus.
    14. Strengthening postgraduate training to enhance the development of a research culture.
    15. Drafting negotiations leading to the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with international institutions.
    16. Preparing and reviewing  the University  “shopping list” of areas of cooperation and development and advising  the Vice-Chancellor accordingly  on appropriate interventions.