At the Crack of Dawn on a Cool Sunday Morning, close to Six decades ago, a Female Star was born in Ile Ife, Osun State Nigeria and was named Omolayo Abosede Arowolo. She had her Primary and Secondary Schools Education in the  then Oyo and Ondo States of Nigeria. She obtained her First Degree in English Education at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife and a Master’s Degree in English Language from the Prestigious University of Lagos. She became a Lecturer in the Legacy Institution of LASUED close to three decades ago, and has mentored many Students and Upcoming lecturers alike. She loves writing, reading and travelling which has taken her to Various Conferences within and outside Nigeria.

She has published some  books and Several articles in both local and international journals.

Yusuf Omolayo has served as Chairman, Secretary and member of several boards and committees. She has also served as Head of Department of General Studies, Dean of the School of Education and Acting Provost of the Legacy College. Yusuf Omolayo is married to Pastor Ray Yusuf and the marriage is blessed with lovely and successful children. Yusuf Omolayo rose through the ranks and is today a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Education, Lagos State University of Education Oto/Ijanikin with a Campus at Noforija Epe.

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