KUNMAVO Afolabi Tagbe of the Department of History and Diplomatic Studies Education, Lagos State University of Education, Oto/ Ijanikin is a holder of Master’s Degree in History and Strategic Studies from the prestigious University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. He is currently a Doctoral Student at Lagos State University. His research interest covers a wide range areas such as international relations, peace and conflict managements and terrorism. His most recent internationally published work is titled “The socio-economic Perils of Russo-Ukranian War: 2014 and 2022 experience”. It was published by International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Sciences and it is available at  Other works he has co-authored with other scholars includes: Indigenes- Settlers Dichotomy and the Challenges of Nation Building in Africa: The Nigeria experience, Traditional and Socio- Cultural Development of Ogu (Egun) People of Ipokia local government area of ogun State from earliest to 2000 AD, Decolonisation processes in British and French colonial territories in Africa, and National Security and Terrorism in Nigeria; the roles of Federal fire service as a para-military agency among others.