AWOFISAYO, Oladipupo Albert is an Associate Prof. in the Department of History and Diplomatic Studies Education. He has Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in History, Master of Educational Management, Master of Philosophy in History, Master in Public administration, B. Ed. Educational Management/History and N.C.E in Economics/History.

His research interest areas include Economic history, Social History, Historiography, and Economics of Education. He has published several books and articles in academic journals both nationally and internationally. Some of his recent works includes; Covid 19 Pandemic, Insecurity and State Fragility: The Nigerian Experience, Transborder Crimes & Security Challenges in Nigeria” in Journal on Border Management, The Abortion of the third Republic by the Military in Nigeria, Russian-Ukrainian War: Causes and Aftermath, Nigerian Government and the African Diaspora, Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa. The Nigerian Experience Since 1999, Revitalizing and Re-equipping Social Sciences Education to meet Globalisation status: Issues, Problems and the way forward, The Proliferation of Fire Arms   and Its Implications on Nigeria’s Security, Christian Religious Organizations: An Historical Insight into the Role of Nigerian Baptist Women Missionary Union in Modeling Religious and Socially Responsible Women in Yorubaland, Youth Militancy in the Niger Delta and Its Impact on Educational Development in Nigeria Police Academy.