ALOBA, Adetunji  Michael, is a lecture in the Department of English, College of Languages and Communication Arts Education(COLCAED) of the Lagos State University of Lagos, Otto/Ijanikin (with a Campus in Noforija, Epe). His area of specialisation are; Critical Discourse Analysis, Syntax, Pragmatics. He has an M. A in English Language from University of Lagos 1998, MPIA  from University of Lagos, 2012 and presently rounding off his PhD research in Critical Discourse Analysis  at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

He is a researcher in CDA, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics. His pedagogical experience spans beyond three decades as a teacher at the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission to Sandwich/DLP Part time lecturer and coordinator respectively of the Federal College of Education, (Technical), Akoka. He enjoys singing and playing the saxophone.

  1. -“Modern Approach to Grammar”- Published Textbook (1999)

    -“Solutions to JSS Past Questions in English Language “- Published Textbook (1999)

    -The English Teacher’s Profile and his students’ Performance in English – Published Article(2023)

    -Political Hate Speech on Facebook Social Platform in Nigeria: A Critical Discourse Analysis. -Published Article (2024)

    -Pragmatic Acts in Ebenezer Obey’s Song, ‘The Horse, The Man and The Son’ -Published Article (2024)