Ajetunmobi Rasheed Olatunde is a dedicated and innovative educator shaping the minds of students in the field of computer science. As an Assistant Lecturer, he has established a reputation for excellence in academic instruction and research. His commitment to advancing knowledge is evident in his impressive portfolio of 15 scholarly publications, which contribute valuable insights into the evolving realm of computer science.

Ajetunmobi holds a key role in the academic community, not as an educator but also as an active member of several professional organizations. His involvement with the Science Educators Association of Nigeria (SEAN) reflects his dedication to the enhancement of science education with the math Tech Thinking Foundation, he empowers learners by fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills vital for success in the tech-driven world. Further extending his professional reach Ajetunmobi is a part of the International Society for Data Science and Analytics (ISDC), where he collaborates with other experts to drive forward the frontiers of data science research and application. Ajetunmobi Rasheed Olatunde exemplifies the role of an educator who is passionate about his field, dedicated to lifelong learning, and  unwavering in his commitment to contribute to the academic and professional community.



M.Ed (Computer Science Education), 2019

B.SC(Ed) Computer Science Education, 2015

Computer Education