Dr. ODEWUMI, Joy Odifemenuwe is an Associate Professor of Literature with specialty in oral and cultural literature in Lagos State University of Education Oto/Ijanikin with a campus @  ọdọ Noforija Epe. She has a Ph.D in performance studies from the University of Ibadan in 2017, M. A Literature from university of Lagos 1998, PGDE  in curriculum from Lagos State University 1999, MPA in Human Resources in 1997, Diploma in computer study in 1999 and B.A English in 1990.  She has been researching in oral and cultural literature in Africa more recently and  I won a National Research Fund (NRF) recently for the year 2023/2024) with colleagues from other Nigerian University, which I am the Lead Researcher. I am married with children, in the department of English, College of Languages and communication Arts Education (COLCAED).

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