MAMUDU, Ganni Kashetu of the Department of History and Diplomatic Studies Education, Lagos State University of Education, Oto/Ijanikin has Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in History and Diplomacy, M. Ed, Social Studies Education, M.A. History and Diplomatic Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Education (P.G.D.E) and B.A (Hons) History. His research interest area includes Economic History, Social History, and Diplomatic Studies. Some of his published books includes; Sociology of family in Human Society:  A Comprehensive Analysis of Social Studies, A study of Nigerian Constitution, Population and Family Life. (Historical Approach) and Fundamental Issues in Social Studies; A Multi-dimensional Approach.

He equally has several articles published in both national and international academic journals. Some of his published articles includes; Investigating the Kidnapping and Community Development in Lagos State, Nigeria, Roles of Social Studies in Citizenship Training: Implications for National Development, The Menace of Corruption and Its Impact on The Educational Sector of Nigeria, An Ancient Development of Egypt and Japan: A Comparative Analysis, Nigeria: A Study of Precolonial Yoruba Government, etc.