DR KAYODE TITUS ELUSAKIN, a graduate of four different Universities was born and bred in Isale Awori, Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State. He is a Seasoned Researcher and Educator. He has the following academic qualifications: BA ED (English), MED (Language Education) , MA (English Language) and Ph.D. (English Language) from Ogun State University, Lagos State University, University of  Lagos and Olabisi Onabanjo University respectively, aside from GCE  O’ Level, Teacher  Grade II Certificate and NCE Certificate.

His first appointment in the erstwhile College of Education (MOCPED) was in August 12, 2010, as a Lecturer III. He rose in rank and file to the position of a SENIOR LECTURER in 2019, in the Department of General Studies in Education, School of Education, MOCPED.

However, sequel to the transmutation of the erstwhile College to Lagos State University of Education, he was redeployed to the Department of English, College of Languages and Communication Arts Education (COLCAED) and placed on L1 CONUASS 4.


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