Ige Nelson Adewole is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Management, at the Lagos State University of Education. He had his Doctorate in Information Resources Management from the Babcock University, Ilishan, Ogun State, Nigeria. In addition, he had his Nigeria Certificate in Education from the Osun State College of Education, B.Ed. in Education Management, and M. Ed Education Management from the University of Ibadan respectively, M. BA in Business Administration from Lagos State University and also MPA in Public Administration from University of Lagos. He has more than 24 years of experience as an academic, researcher and Mentor. He is a Chairman Committee for Development of the Curriculum of Diploma in Education (2003). He served as Dean of the School of Education and Head of the Department of Educational Foundations and Administration. He has a track record and experience in organising and facilitating discourse in educational matters and has served as a Chairman, Secretary, and member of committees within and outside the university. Dr. Ige is enthusiastic about nurturing upcoming educational leaders and researchers. He constantly inspires and motivates budding researchers through his wealth of knowledge and connections and passionately engages in community initiatives aimed at fostering academic integrity and excellence. Dr. Ige’s commitment to academic and educational leadership is evident in his area of research. Dr. Ige has published several research-based, peer-reviewed articles, books, and chapters in books to his credit nationally and internationally focusing on Educational Management, Teacher Leadership, Values, and the Right to Education.

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