Femi Adedina has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Creative Writing from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia where he was an Australian Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) scholar, a Master’s degree in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan, after a B.A (Hons.) Theatre Arts (Second Upper) from the University of Calabar and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of Lagos, Akoka- Lagos. He has been a Lecturer since he finished his first degree in 1982.  He did his NYSC at the Federal School of Arts and Science, Ogoja, Cross River State, Nigeria in 1982 July to June 1983. He started lecturing in Ogun State College of Education in Ijebu-Ode in Southwest Nigeria in 1983 before moving to his present station, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Oto/Ijanikin Lagos Nigeria in 1985. He taught part-time at Lagos State University, Ojo. Lagos, Nigeria, where he taught, Theatre, Media and Literature courses in the departments of English and that of African Languages and Communication Arts and at Chartered Institute of Administration, where he taught Communication Skills and Business Communication. He also had a stint at Lead City University, Ibadan, as an Adjunct Associate Professor/Reader in Performing Arts and Film Studies from September 2014 to March 2016.He had a Sabbatical at Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode Ogun State from 2nd October, 2019 to September 30th, 2020. He has been a part time Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Studies in the same University since October 2nd, 2020 till 2021/2022 session and an Adjunct Lecturer from 2022/2023 session. He has also been an Adjunct foundation Ag. HOD and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication at Hallmark University, Ijebu-Itele from April 2020 till June 2021.   He spent a sabbatical leave at Africa Independent Television (AIT) Alagbado, Lagos Nigeria in 1998 – 1999. At AIT he worked as a TV Drama Producer, was a member of the think-tank for Program development and a member of the Kaakaki breakfast programme crew. In his present working environment, Femi Adedina has exhibited proven leadership skills. He has served in various administrative positions in his career, serving as Chairman, Secretary and member of various College Committees. He had been a member of the Academic Board of the institution (like the University Senate), a Head of Department for five times and in his sixth time; has been instrumental to the establishment of the Department of Theatre Arts from the College’s School of Languages. He was involved in the conceptualization, development and implementation of the blueprint for the Department, which is in its nineteenth year of existence and one he served as head for six years (1999-2006). He has been Head of Department of English, AOCOED for two times, 1992 and 1994. Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences, AOCOED, 2012-2014, Member Academic Board, AOCOED, 1991- Date, Member, Governing Council, AOCOED, December, 2013-December, 2016, Co-opted Member, Governing Council AOCOED, December 2016- Date, Chairman, College IGR Committee, 2015-Date, Chairman, IT Implementation Committee and Deputy Provost, AOCOED, December 2016 –February 2019.


As a scholar, Femi Adedina has a lot of publications. These publications include 3 theses, journal articles, chapters in books, (one on Writing for the Broadcast Media), commissioned papers, and books ranging from the collection of short stories, poems, books on Communication, and a collection of essays. He has video productions, directed many plays for stage, and has featured in three feature-length films and has directed two full-length feature films. He has participated in many Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops and has also served as a Resource person to the Lagos State Ministry of Education. In his over four decades of teaching in a College of Education, he has supervised many students in their Long essays, Researches and theses for students of the affiliated degree programmes. Femi Adedina is a person who works with less supervision, an honest individual, a man of initiative, and an open-minded individual ready to learn when it comes to new ideas and concepts and a creative individual. He was an Adjunct Reader/ Associate Professor at the Department of Performing Arts and Film Studies, Lead City University, Ibadan from September 2014 to March 2016 and the Head of Department from October 2015 to December 2015. While there he was instrumental to starting the department and growing it from 4 students to 120 students and reviewing and creating a new curriculum for the department. As the Deputy Provost of AOCOED from December 2016-February 2019, Femi Adedina contributed towards evolving a more inclusive promotion screening process for the promotion of Principal and Chief Lecturers, rejigged the College’s Admission process that for the first time in the College’s history, admission process went online and he was also part of the team that introduced a biometric-based ID card for attendance and access control and also a payment portal that streamlined payments in the College. Also, the team worked in modernizing and updating the College’s website and Result Manager’s software. He is happily married with children. In October 2019 he went for a year sabbatical leave at Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Studies. During the sabbatical, he organised  the Tai Solarin University  of Education Drama Festival, where eleven (11) plays were produced over a three- week period and a 90-minute feature film, NS Cabal was shot, edited and uploaded unto You Tube- https://youtu.be/2z8WIBvi758, https://you.tu.be/HdERgZPjCsQ , https://youtu.be/rjPbzb0hZvg .  After the sabbatical in September, 2020, he was retained as a part- time lecturer till 2022/2023 session. The second Drama Festival was mounted where fifteen plays were produced and the 2nd full length film titled Once and Forever was shot. His activities in TASUED’s Department of English and Literacy Studies in the area of plays and film productions and procurement of Theatre equipment and materials contributed in no small measure to the Creative Arts Department of TASUED to mount undergraduate programmes of Theatre Arts starting from 2022/2023 session. At the same time from November 2019 to June 2021, he was the foundation Head of Department, Department of Mass Communication, Hallmark University, Ijebu-Itele, Ogun State, Nigeria where he taught, undergraduate Mass Communication courses, administered the department while dealing with staff and students issues and was involved in developing curriculums for B.Sc ( Broadcasting) and B.Sc (Film Studies) for undergraduate students. His most recent Administrative post was as the Foundation Acting Dean, College of Humanities Education of the newly established Lagos State University of Education, Oto/Ijanikin with a campus at Norofija, Epe, Lagos State. Nigeria from August 2022 to March 2023. 

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    ii. Adedina, Femi. (2002). “Communication through time in relation to sex and Academic performance of students in selected tertiary institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria”. A thesis submitted in fulfilment of requirements for the award of M.A (Communication and Language Arts) in Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

    iii.  Adedina, Femi. (2011). “Death’s Laughter” (a novel) and “Crafting a Novel” (an Exegesis). A thesis submitted in fulfilment of requirement for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (Writing) in Edith Cowan University, Mt. Lawley, Perth, Western Australia.

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ii. Chapters in Books

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