Dr. ADEDINA Olubunmi Nkemdirim
Associate Professor/HOD, Department of Theatre and Performing Arts
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Nkemdirim Olubunmi Adedina is the Ag. Head of Department and Associate Professor of Drama in Education and Children’s Theatre in the Department of Theatre and Performing Arts, Lagos State University of Education. She is a beacon of inspiration in the Department of Theatre Arts. She began her discovery of theatre at an early age through her vibrant and active participation in the drama club during her secondary school education. This was the beginning of a captivating and unfolding experience that became the foundation for her theatrical experiences. Her early years in the theatre were a tapestry of exploration, discovery, and experimentation where she has become a passion-driven theatre professional. In pursuit of her artistic inclination, she attended the prestigious University of Ibadan, where she obtained a Diploma in Theatre Arts in 1992. Her insatiable quest for self-development spurred her to pursue a degree in Theatre Arts where she bagged a B. A (Hons) with a second class upper in 1996, still in the University of Ibadan. This was topped with an M.A., in the same field of study in 1999 where she came tops with a Ph.D. grade. Armed with a formidable arsenal of skills in theatre Practice and her desire for self-development, she embarked on her Ph.D. in Theatre Arts and graduated in 2016 in her specialised field from her number one choice of institution, the University of Ibadan. To become a thorough professional teacher, she bagged a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos in 2004.

Bunmi is a versatile theatre practitioner. She has many stints on stage, television, and radio in directing, acting, costume, and make-up and theatre management. She has acted in plays for the radio, directed many plays for the stage, participated in television commercials and radio jingles, and featured in television series and feature-length films. She left indelible marks on scores of productions she graced in her university days from class productions to grand theatrical and spectacular outings in Kakaun Sela, an acting company by renowned dramatist, Prof. Femi Osofisan. Her versatility and dedication earned her accolades and recognition from audiences and coursemates. She discovered the transformative power of education at an early age and this was an inspiration that ignited the spark to impact the next generation of Theatre artists. Thus, she was drawn to academia where she could ignite the spark of creativity in young talents. She brought her unique blend of artistry into the classroom where she is a front liner in encouraging her students to reinvent and recreate themselves by exploring depths of creativity. This has been her core objective as a lecturer in the legacy college (Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Oto/Ijanikin) now transmuted to Lagos State University of Education, for over two decades of teaching experience, rising from Lecturer 111 to Chief Lecturer position. Beyond the confines of the classroom, she has engaged in school developmental programmes, particularly in Drama in Education and Children’s Theatre which are her areas of interest.  She has on many occasions launched drama as a tool to bridge educational divides and attain new narratives for young learners irrespective of class, social status, age, gender, religion, and general outlook on life.

Bunmi Adedina has displayed proven administrative and leadership skills in her present working environment, where she has served as three tenure Head of the Department of Theatre Arts, Chairman, Secretary and member of various Committees and is presently a member of the of the University Senate by virtue of her designation and position.  Since the inception of the University, she has been appointed to managerial and administrative positions as Ag. Head of Department, Ag. Dean (on two occasions), Member, of the University Ceremonies Committee, Chairman of the University Students Disciplinary Committee, Chairman, of the College of Humanities Staff Welfare Committee, A three tenure head of Department in the legacy College and now the Ag. Head of Department, Lagos State University of Education, and served in various capacities as chairman, secretary, and member of Committees. She has contributed immensely to institutional and Departmental growth by jointly working with other colleagues to build an enviable Theatre Arts Department from the hay days.


As a scholar, Bunmi Adedina has a lot of publications to her credit. These publications include three theses, books (plays and a collection of short stories for children), chapters in books, and journal articles. She has attended and participated in many Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops at national and international levels.  She has been a regular Teaching Practice supervisor every year since 2003 and has supervised many students in their Long essays and research for the National Certificate in Education (NCE) and students of affiliated degree programmes in the legacy College. She has served as a resource person in the Department of Music and Theatre Arts, Lagos State University for Children’s Theatre/ Puppetry workshops where she is presently on sabbatical.   She is a Fellow of Ife Institute of Advanced Studies (FIIAS). Bunmi Adedina is endowed with the potential to organise, coordinate, and manage both human and physical resources. She is honest, hardworking, creative, and down to earth. She can work with little supervision, is open to constructive criticism, and can take initiative when the situation demands. Above all, she is a team player who believes strongly in harnessing people’s potential to achieve a common goal. She is happily married with children.


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