Integrated Science

Integrated Science

Integrated science is one of the compulsory subjects offered by all students at the Junior Secondary School level in Nigeria. It emphasizes those concepts, which are common to all sciences – the processes of science and the skills associated with them. The Junior Secondary integrated science is an inquiry-based curriculum. The general plan of the programme de-emphasizes subject boundaries of the familiar basic sciences and enhances a greater integration of the sciences.


In line with the above philosophy, the objective of Integrated Science Programme are to:

  1. Enable students to gain the concept of the fundamental unit of
  2. Provide learning opportunities, which will help the students, acquire experience in the basic skills for effective implementation of Integrated Science Curriculum in the Junior Secondary
  3. Develop in students the spirit of inquiry into living and non-living things and energy changes in the
1ITS 121Biology for integrated science
2ITS 122Chemistry for Integrated Science
3ITS 214History and philosophy of Int. Sci.
4ITS 224Energy and Matter I
5ITS 225Nigeria integrated science
7ITS 226Industrial processes/Application
8ITS 221Seedless plants
9ITS 222Chemistry for integrated science
10ITS 223Physics for integrated science
11ITS 311Assessment and Evaluation in integrated science
12ITS 312The Earth and the Universe
13ITS 314African cosmology in integration science
14ITS 321Environment and population
15ITS 322Energy and matter II
16ITS 323Ecology And Hydro Biology
17ITS 324School science laboratory
18ITS 315The Nigeriap rimary/secondary school science mathematics curricula
19ITS 321Biology for integrated science
20ITS 322Chemistry for Int. Sc.
21ITS 323Physics for Int. Sci.
22ITS 413Science, technology & society
23ITS 411Practices in Integration of science
24ITS 412Nigerian industries & industrialization
25ITS 422Int. Science curriculum design & implementation
26ITS 429Project

UTME:  Five SSCE credit passes including Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Mathematics..

UTME Subjects: Any three of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Agric Science.

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