College Of Humanities Education (COHED)

College Of Humanities Education (COHED)


The fundamental concern of the disciplines in Humanities is with man and his complex nature, especially his multifaceted relationships with the world around him and beyond.  It is in this context that each Humanities discipline tries to investigate and explain those aspects of man’s nature that particularly concern or challenge him


The Objectives of the disciplines are as follows:

  1. To develop and enhance our students’ awareness of the values, contributions, and potentialities of their own social, cultural and spiritual environment;
  2. To equip them to contribute meaningfully towards the attainment of national goals and the satisfaction of national needs.
  • To instil in them the spirit of self-reliance, self-pride and self-actualization;
  1. To ensure that all programmes should have a built-in mechanism in which national aspirations are affirmed. Such mechanism should take cognizance of the following issues: 
  • the socio-political developments,
  • the economy of the society,
  • the fact of our pluralistic society, and
  • the need to forge a strong and united country.

Academic Programmes

Below are the list of departments under the College of Humanities