Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics

The philosophy of Human Kinetic and Health Education is derived from the National Philosophy of Education as contained in the National Policy of Education contained in section 1.3 of the document.

  1. Graduate of the programme must grab the basic concepts, topics procedures cover in the
  2. For the attainment of practical and professional skills, at least twelve weeks of supervision of practical teaching is
  3. Communicate facts and information to learners in terms that they will be able to
  4. Demonstrate a skill in planning, organizing and
Degree progammes awarded are:
  1. B.Sc. Ed. Human Kinetics
1HKE 121Theory and techniques of soccer 
2HKE 122Theory and techniques of basketball 
3HKE 123History and philosophy of physical education 
4HKE 124Improvisation in physical education and sports 
5HKE 211Theory & Tech Of Ball games 1( Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer,) 
6HKE 212Theory and techniques of athletics 
7HKE 213Human anatomy and physiology I 
8HKE 214Coaching And Officiating Of Sports
9HKE 221Theory & Tech Of Ball games 1( Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer,)
10HKE 222Physical education methods 
11HKE 223Human anatomy and physiology II 
12HKE 224Introduction To Groundmanship
13HKE 225First aid safety education, prevention and care of sport injury 
14HKE 301Physical Fitness
15HKE 311Theory and techniques of swimming 
16HKE 312Theory and techniques of Gymnastics
17HKE 313Striking Games 1(Cricket, Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis and Badminton)
18HKE 314Curriculum development in physical education 
19HKE 315Introduction to physiology of sports and exercise
20HKE 316Nutrition and sports 
21HKE 317Research methodology in physical education 
22HKE 317Camping and leadership 
23HKE 321Striking Games 2 (Cricket, Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis and Badminton)
24HKE 322Introduction to sports management 
25HKE 323Test and measurement in physical education 
26HKE 325Seminar in physical education 
27HKE 421Introduction To Kinesiology
28HKE 422Organization and administration of physical education and sport
29HKE 423Psychology of sports and motivation theories in sports 
30HKE 424Legal liabilities in physical education and sports
31HKE 425Motor Learning
32HKE 426Sociology of Sports and leisure
33HED 426Non-communicable Diseases
34HKE 429Project 

UTME:  Five SSCE credits/TC II merit passes in five subjects including     English Language, Biology or its equivalent.

UTME Subjects:  Biology and any relevant subjects

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