History and Diplomatic Studies

History and Diplomatic Studies

The subject matter of History, distinguishing it from other Humanities and Social Sciences, consists of the attempts of human beings in the past to organize life materially and conceptually, individually and collectively, while the object of studying these things is to widen students’ experience and develop qualities of perception and judgement.  History provides a distinctive education by providing a sense of the past, an awareness of the development of differing values, systems and societies and the inculcation of critical yet tolerant personal attitudes.  History’s reciprocal relationship with other disciplines can have an important influence on the experience of the student of the subject.

The objective of teaching History and Diplomatic Studies are:
  1. To give students a thorough understanding of Nigerian history and historiography planted firmly in the context of African history and historiography.
  2. To educate students on historical movements of global importance from other continents to enable them acquire better knowledge of the world and thus promote world peace.
  • To make students comprehend the historical forces and developments which have shaped and are still shaping the lives of the peoples of Nigeria, Africa and the world entirely.
  1. To develop a sense of commitment and capacity to consciously relate to these forces and developments in such a way that Nigerian and African unity, independence and prosperity can be achieved.
  2. To provide the students with advantages usually associated with historical training, viz: critical and analytical faculty and balanced judgement needed particularly in administrative and managerial responsibilities.
S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
1HDS 101Nigeria from 1500 to 1800  
2HDS 102History of Africa From 1500 to 1800 AD
3HDS 103Introduction to International Relations
4HDS 121History of W/Africa up to 1800
5HDS 122Major World Civilizations
6HDS 123Principles & Issues in International organisation
7HDS 124History of East and Central Africa since 1800 A.D
8HDS 125European Imperialism and Resistance
9HDS 211Nigeria from 1800-1900
10HDS 212European History 1789-1919
11HDS 213Introduction to Economic History
12HDS 214USSR from 1800-1900
13HDS 215Economic History of USA in the 19th Century
14HDS 221Philosophy of History
15HDS 222Economic History of Nigeria in the 19th Century
16HDS 223Nigeria from 1900 – 1970
17HDS 224A – U Study of African International Relations
18HDS 311African Historiography
19HDS 312History of Commonwealth
20HDS 313Africa and the Wider World in the 20th Century
21HDS 314Economic History Of Nigeria In The 20th Century
22HDS 315History of West Africa since 1800
23HDS 316Capitalism, Communism and Mixed Economy
24HDS 317Comparative Industrial Growth U.S.A, USSR, Japan, China and Britain
25HDS 323Contending Issues in International Affairs & Foreign Policy Analysis
26HDS 324War and Peace in the 20th century
27HDS 325Educational Supervision in Nigeria
28HDS 326Nigeria from 1970 to the present
29HDS 326History of Southern Africa from C 1400 to Present Times
30HDS 327Studies in Inter Group Relations in Nigeria
31HDS 328Problems and Prospect of Regional Economic Development in West Africa
32HDS 421Special Paper/Seminar
33EDM223School Mapping and Plant Management
34EDM224School Mapping and Plant Management
35EDM224Educational Policy and Reforms
36EDM225Educational Policy and Reforms
37EDM311Change and Innovative Process in Formal Organization
38HDS 422Modern Africa Political Thoughts
39HDS 423Contemporary Issues of the Middle East
40HDS 424Politics of Multinational Corporations
41HDS 425Diplomacy and Defence Strategy in Inter. Affairs
42HDS 426History of Latin America from 15th Century to the 20th Century  
43HDS 427Comparative Parliamentary Studies
44HDS 429Original Essay

UTME: History and any other two subjects chosen from CRK, Islamic

UTME Subjects: Two Arts subject including Christian Religious studies and one other subject.

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