The Directorate of Guidance, Counselling and Career Development of Lagos State University of Education came into existence in July, 2023 after two Colleges of Education in Lagos State, Nigeria (Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education and Michael Otedola College of Primary Education) were transmuted into a University of Education. Before this period, the two Colleges of Education had been providing guidance and counseling, referral, information/appraisal and orientation services as well as organization of seminars, conferences and workshops for students. Staff members have also benefitted from the counseling services and provision of career and educational information provided by the two legacy colleges’ counseling services. These have had tremendous effects on both staffers and students. Below is a brief summary of the history of the two legacy Colleges of Education

Our Mision

The DGCCD as an integral part of Lagos State University of Education mission is an individualized support Centre, established to serve students and staff of the University. The Directorate is committed to creating an environment where values and unique contributions of all individuals are enhanced and supported.


The DGCCD’s major vision is to be recognized as promoting the mission of Lagos State University of Education and to create an environment that facilitates the physical, emotional, intellectual and mental health of students and staff for improved individual coping capacity through skill-building and the provision of preventive programming, clinical interventions and professional consultations.