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Dr. ADEDINA Olubunmi Nkemdirim
Associate Professor/HOD, Department of Theatre and Performing Arts
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The Department of Theatre and Performing Arts, in Lagos State University of Education, is an enclave that prides itself in the exploration of performative spaces, the transformative power of narratives, imaginative expressions, the magic of realistic performances, and the profound impact of artistic ventures. The Department is not only concerned with artistic performances, it emphasises honing skills, perfecting techniques, fostering collaboration, discovering innovation, and encouraging inclusivity. We cultivate an enabling environment for inspiration, mentorship, and experimentation of our students to become masters of Arts in their chosen areas of specialisation.  Our objectives of training span the development of critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, emotional stability, and enhancement of communication skills to convey ideas via written,   nonverbal, and verbal means. Also, we emphasise, cultural literacy and appreciation as a channel for exploring cultures for a broad worldview and a better understanding of their diversities. We provide career preparation opportunities through enriched theatre skill practice, aesthetic appreciation, and creative expressions that are essential to equip students for entrepreneurship endeavours required for professionalism and artistic exploration. Our students embrace performative arts with passion and enthusiasm as they strive for excellence through many experiences, meaningful connections, and endless opportunities at their disposal. It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you to our vibrant and creative community.


Brief Information About the Department

Brief about the Department


The Department, which came into existence and became fully operational in the 1999/2000 session, in the legacy institution, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Oto/Ijanikin was a realisation of expectations after a long period of theatrical activities in the College under the aegis of the Department of English. It was from the School of Languages that the proposal for the establishment of the Department emanated. The Department took off with only two lecturers, one a Senior Lecturer in English then, and the other a Lecturer III in General Studies who came in as an Assistant Lecturer. At the onset, there were only two course combinations, Theatre Arts/ English and Theatre Arts / Yoruba, and the student population was paltry-eight- out of which only six successfully passed out through the programme’s rigor. There was a population explosion in the 2001/2002 academic session when over two hundred students were admitted to study the course with five combinations (THA/POL, THA/ECO, THA/CRS, THA/ISS, THA/FRE), added to the already existing two. The Department then became a bee hive of activities where students engaged in stage, film, television, and radio productions of high artistic quality and have produced over time, well-seasoned NCE graduates in the legacy institution.

The transmutation of the College of Education into a University in February 2022 transformed the Theatre Arts Department of Adeniran Ogunsanya into the Department of Theatre and Performing Arts, in Lagos State University of Education, Oto/Ijanikin, with a campus in Noforija, Epe. A merger of staff from the Departments of Cultural and Creative Arts from legacy Colleges in Epe and Oto/Ijanikin as well as the defunct Department of Theatre Arts in Oto/Ijanikin form the staff strength of the newly evolved Department of Theatre Arts in Lagos State University of Education. The brand new department will surpass its previous history in the legacy College and will aspire to attain a rightful position among reputable Departments as the first among the rest.

Presently, the department runs one programme at the undergraduate level, namely, B.A. Theatre Arts. B. A Theatre Arts is channeled towards producing seasoned graduates who will be professionals in various areas of the Theatre to make meaningful impacts in the discipline. Students are expected to specialise in at least two areas out of the over ten identified aspects of Theatre which include, Directing/Acting, Dance/Choreography, Speech Arts, Film, Media, Design Arts (Set construction, Lighting, Scenic design, Makeup, Costume, Props, Sound) Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Theatre for Development, Theatre Management, Drama in Education/Children’s Theatre, Music in Theatre. The Department is purpose-driven to encourage scholarship and create an enabling environment where praxis and practice is the order of the day.