Civic and Citizenship

Civic and Citizenship

The Option of the Department is in tune with the national goals of education. It is specifically aimed at producing educational administrators with high personal and professional discipline and integrity; properly equipped with the appropriate skills and intellectual depth that would make them contribute towards achieving national goals. The various skills and intellectual depth expected of those who pass through the Department are explained in the distinct courses offered in the Department. By the end of the Degree programme, the students should be able to;

1. discuss intelligently major issues affecting the teaching professsion in Nigeria

2. identify major problems of education

3. study learners appropriately as to determine the most effective ways of relating to them to ensure maximum achievement

4. select and equip themselves with administration, supervision and planning techniques  through exposures to management principles.

Below are the list of Programme Under Educational Management:

  • Educational Management

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UTME: Any three of Christian Religious Knowledge, Economics, Geography/Physics, Government, History and IRS

UTME Subjects: As for Social Studies

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