Ref: LASUED/REG/UC/64/VOL.I/05 Date: 17th January, 2023
The University Management at its 10th Statutory meeting held on Monday 16th
January, 2023 discussed the cases of members of staff that pursued various Academic
and Professional Programmes but did not obtain approval from the Management of
the erstwhile legacy Colleges and also failed to indicate their intentions before
embarking on the programmes.
Management NOTED that:
i.) Many staff members pursued programmes without obtaining approval and
in fact did not indicate their intentions to do so in line with regulations and
standard practice.
ii.) That such staff had not only completed their programmes but had obtained
certificates and Degree to such effect.
iii.) That such certificates could not be used in updating their records since they
failed to obtain approval or indicate intention before pursing such
iv.) That the University Management had been inundated by pleas from
concerned members of staff for leniency.
v.) Some of the concerned members of staff claimed to have written for
approval or show intent but no response was obtained.
Management after consideration therefore DIRECTED as follows:
i. That Staff in this regard should be granted General Amnesty
ii. This extension of goodwill by the University Management should not be
cited as precedence or taken for granted.
iii. While Management appreciates greatly the need for Staff Development, it
will not condone a situation where staff pursue programmes arbitrarily and
then produce certificates of such programmes for which they did not obtain
approval and then request that their records be updated.
iv. By implication, henceforth, any staff that is willing to pursue any
programme he or she must indicate intention to do so and obtain approval
before embarking on such programmes failing which such certificates will
OFFICE of the
. Registrar
not be recognized by Management in addition to other sanctions that may
be applied.
v. Such certificate should be in cognate areas.
vi. In line with the General Amnesty granted, members of staff in this category
are requested to forward to the Ag. Registrar such certificates for their
records to be updated accordingly.
Please NOTE that the deadline for submission is Monday 6th February, 2023.
The above decisions of the University Management are communicated for your
information and further actions, please.
Thank you.
Ag. Registrar
CC: Ag. Vice Chancellor
Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor
Ag. Bursar
Ag. University Librarian
Deans of Colleges
Heads of Departments
Heads of Divisions and Units
Head of Registry, LASUED Epe Campus
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