Directorate of Guidance, Counselling and Career Development

The Directorate will offer counselling and support services primarily for students, staff and other members of the university community under strict confidentiality. The Directoratewillsupport students before, during and after their studies in the University. In this Directorate, a team of professionals in Guidance and Counseling Psychology will be saddled with the responsibility of providing counseling needs and guidance for students and monitoring their development especially those identified with anti-social behaviours. The Directorate will provide academic, personal and career guidance and counselling to prospective and registered students in person, by telephone, e-mail, letter or fax or printed publications with a view to helping them choose programmes that are suits their career desires and offering them opportunity to develop the skills they need to successfully manage their studies, life and career as applicable. 

The Directorate will be headed by a Director appointed by the Vice Chancellor from among the professionals in the department of Guidance and Counselling.


The Directorate through its operations will aspire to achieve the following objectives:Assist students in their growth process by exploring a range of coping strategies so that they can better deal with the problems they face both now and in the future in order that they can become fully functioning members of the society.
  1. As part of personal guidance counselling the Directorate will work on a wide range of concerns including addressing specific problems, coping with crises, improving relationships and self-esteem, dealing with conflicts, exploring thoughts and feelings and developing coping strategies.
  2. Assist all students to have access to appropriate guidance
  3. Provide career counseling and a range of programmes and services designed to help students make the connection between their academic programme and the workplace.
  4. Assist students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make lifelong career decisions.
  5. Assist students in their personal and social, educational and career development while in school.

Scope and Responsibilities

  1. Providing counseling services in form of educational, clinical, psychological, socio-personal, vocational, reproductive – health and family counselling, especially, pre-marital counseling.
  2. Providing training programmes and counselling for basic personal and family financial management.
  3. Equipping students with the skills and information to make informed decisions on future career plans by getting them to receive a thorough grounding in career planning through setting goals and objectives for future careers and options.
  4. Initiating the students into their society through community orientationby providing them with information on local community services and recreational opportunities.
  5. Providing resources such as internship directories or online databases of available experiences for students.
  6. Engaging alumni as career resources for students, thereby teaching students the skill of networking.
  7. Providing students with a comprehensive knowledge of the vocational, educational and career options which are available to them.