Centre for General Studies, Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship

The Centre will host General Studies Courses (GST) courses as an academic service unit of the University with well-experienced lecturers drawn from the various disciplines of General Studies. Also, it will host skill acquisition and entrepreneurship programmes which all the students must benefit before graduation.

The Centre for General Studies, Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship will have two units namely: General Studies Unit and Entrepreneurship Education unit. The General Studies Unit will coordinate the General Studies component of the University curriculum in line with NUC requirements with a view to widening the general knowledge scope of the students. The entrepreneurship education unit will be involved in the training of students to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. It shall afford students the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience on basic entrepreneurial skills and trade awareness programmes. The centre shall be closely linked with relevant academic departments of the university and shall use their staff in the conduct of its activities.

The centre shall be headed by a Director appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.


  1. To improve the language and communication skills of all students and to help them develop adequate competence in the Use of English   Language as a tool for their present studies and future employments.
  2. To assist students to develop and expand the awareness of their social; cultural and physical environments which invariably will prepare them to function effectively in their society.
  3. To socialize the Nigerian students to cultivate desirable habits, values, attitudes, patriotism, nationalism and to appreciate the status of the Constitution as the will of the people, and to sensitize students to the functions and obligations of Government at all levels.
  4. To make education relevant to the students and the society with focus on creativity, innovation and job creation.
  5. To introduce students to the broad areas of sciences and to create awareness of the services of science to man and the effect of science on human society.
  6. Use the Skills and Entrepreneurship Development component of the Centre to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the students and support students to set up profitable business ventures along their chosen professions before graduation.

Scope and Responsibilities

Through its General Studies component, the Centre carries out the following responsibilities:
  1. General co-ordination, arrangement, supervision and monitoring of the teaching/lectures of General Studies Courses in each of the two semesters per session.
  2. Ensuring mutual cooperation between the Unit and Central Examinations Committee for the conduct of examinations.
  3. Monitoring and co-ordination of the marking of GST Examination scripts after each semester’s examinations.
  4. Compilation, vetting and releasing of results promptly.
  5. Attending to students complaints.
  6. Collection of, and safe keeping of, examination materials and records and answer scripts from the Examination office.
  7. Holding regular meetings with GST Lecturers and Course Coordinators for various matters concerning GST Programme.
Through the Skill and Entrepreneurship component, the Centre ensures that:
  1. Students are encouraged to acquire skills required to develop new ventures and start-ups, such as innovative thinking, business creativity, business planning, proposal writing, risk taking abilities, and business management skills. This is targeted towards developing the real sector of the Nigeria economy and making our graduates potential employers of labour rather than seekers of employment.
  1. It  serves as entrepreneurship development vehicle of the University which, in addition to conventional lectures in Entrepreneurship, will undertake skill acquisition projects for students offering entrepreneurship courses as a prerequisite of NUC for Nigerian graduates. It equally facilitates University-wide entrepreneurship-related programmes which may  attract participants beyond the shores of the University.