This is a discipline area where students study education and Music, leading to the award of the Bachelor’s degree in education and Music.  The degree programme is known as education Music and the degree in view is B.Ed Music.


The degree programme in this subject will be based on the 4 years course described in Creative and Entertainment Arts Education. The aims and objectives of the programme leading to B.A. degree in Music include:

  1. To prepare and produce graduate of music who will be competent to musicianship both in the international sense and also in their own African and National tradition. Graduates must have an understanding of the Arts and Science of Music as tools for the appreciation, analysis and practice of world music.
  2. To develop creative skills and talents in students with a view to preparing them for self-employment and entrepreneurship in music industry, broadcasting, communications, entertainment, film cinematography and allied professions.
  • To lay a foundation for further studies at post-graduate levels leading to advanced engagements in music research laboratory studio and functional exploration of music in relevant organizations and institutions such as Museums, Arts Councils, Religious, Teaching/Pedagogy and Mass Communication Media etc.
  1. To prepare and produce graduates of Music with an understanding of the art and science of Music and tools for the appreciation, analysis and practice of world (Western European) Music and African Music, and an ability to communicate these principles to others.
  2. To prepare students for professions in the practice and/or teaching of Music at various levels of education, broadcasting, media houses and other avenues of private and public music use, and in entertainment.
S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
1MUS 101Music as an Art of science
2MUS 102Rudiments of Music
3MUS 103Foundations of Musicianship I
4MUS 104Tonal Harmony I
5MUS 105Survey of History of Western Music
6MUS 106African Music
7MUS 107Basic Piano
8MUS 108Elementary Instrument or voice
9MUS 109University Chorus
10MUS110University Glee Club
11MUS 111University Band/Orchestra
12MUS 112African Instrumental Ensemble
13MUS 201Foundations of Musicianship II
14MUS 202Tonal Harmony II
15MUS 203Modal Counterpoint I
16MUS 204Western Music before 1750
17MUS 205African Music II
18MUS 206Music of other World Cultures
19MUS 207Basic Piano Studies II
20MUS 208Primary Instrument or Voice
21MUS 209Secondary Instrument or Voice
22MUS 210Madrigal Group/Chamber Chorus
23MUS 301Introduction to Music Technology
24MUS 302Tonal Harmony III
25MUS 303Model Counterpoint II
26MUS 304Tonal Counterpoint
27MUS 305Analysis of Tonal Music
28MUS 306Western Music, 1750 – present
29MUS 307African Music III (African Music
31MUS 308Afro-American Music
32MUS 309Elementary Key-Board Harmony
33MUS 310Vocal or Instrumental Ensemble
34MUS 401Acoustic and Psycho-Acoustic Music
35MUS 402Music Technology II
36MUS 40320th Century composition techniques
37MUS 404Fugue
38MUS 405Orchestration
39MUS 406Analysis and Analytic Method for 20th Century Music
40MUS 407Composition
41MUS 408Special Topic in the History of Western Music
42MUS 409Historiography of Music
43MUS 410Contemporary African Music
44MUS 411Key-Board Harmony and Accompaniment
45MUS 412Applied Music Coaching
46MUS 413Choir Training and Choral Arranging
47MUS 429Project

UTME: Five SSCE credits including Music and English Language.

UTME Subjects: Music and any other two Arts/Social Science subjects

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