Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics education are teacher education programmes meant to produce senior secondary school and college teachers who are knowledgeable in the subject matter areas and methodology of the subjects. They are to have all the relevant skills to succeed in their work. To help them in understanding their students and carry out their work efficiently, they are exposed to relevant general educatory courses such as education curriculum studies etc. They are to also be conversant with industrial application of the subjects.


In line with the above philosophy, the objectives of all science and mathematics education programmes are, to:

  1. Enable students to acquire the various concepts, principles, theories laws and conceptional schemes of their relevant subjects;
  2. Enable students to acquire necessary teaching and practical skills and other aspects of methodology of teaching their subjects;
  3. Help students to become effective classroom teachers;
  4. Expose students to industrial applications of their subjects;
  5. Acquire the ethics of teaching as a profession;
  6. Become professional science and mathematics teachers;
  7. Disseminate information in science and mathematics to the society;
  8. Develop necessary laboratory skills and;
  9. Develop positive values and attitudes for efficient discharge of their duty as teachers.
S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
1MAT 111Elementary Mathematics I
2MAT 112Introduction to statistics
3MAT 121Elementary Mathematics II 
4MAT 122Probability Distribution
5MAT 123Vectors &Coordinate Geometry
6MAT 124Dynamics of a rigid body
7MAT 211Mathematics Methods I
8MAT 212Linear Algebra I
9MAT 213Real Analysis I
10MAT 214Abstract Algebra I
11MAT 215Introduction to Numerical Analysis
12MAT 216Discrete Mathematics
13MAT 221Mathematics Methods II
14 MAT 222Operation Research I
15 MAT 223Complex Analysis I
16 MAT 224Probability theory
17 MAT 225Real Analysis II
18MAT 226Mathematics Methodology I
19CSC 221Computer Programming II (C/C++) 
20 MAT 311Abstract Algebra II
21MAT 312 Complex Analysis II
22 MAT 313 Mathematical Modeling 
23MAT 314Vector and Tensor Analysis
24 MAT 315Differential Equations I
25 MAT 316Functional Analysis
26MAT 317Inferential Statistics
27 MAT 318Research Method in Mathematics Education 
28 MAT 321General Topology
29 MAT 322Differential Equation II
30 MAT 323Linear algebra II     
31 MAT 324Electromagnetism
32 MAT 325Commutative Algebra I
33 MAT 326Mathematics Computation (Practical)
34 MAT 327Numerical Analysis II
35MAT 328Mathematics Methodology II
36MAT 421Commutative Algebra II 
37MAT 422Partial Differential Equation
38  MAT 423Lebesgue Measure and Integration
39MAT 424Fluid Dynamics
40 MAT 425Operation Research II
41 MAT 426Numerical Analysis III
42 MAT 427Regression Analysis
43MAT 428Research Method in Mathematics Education II
44EDU 421Principles of School Administration & Management
45EDU 422Element of Guidance and Counseling
46ENT 421Investment Marketing and Purchasing Management
47MAT 429Project

UTME: Five SSCE credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics plus one other Science subject.

UTME Subjects: Mathematics and any two of the following Science subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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