As applicable to all Education Programmes in section. However, the degree programme trained students in education geography for the award of Bachelors of Science Degree in Education.

Philosophy, Aims and Objectives

 The philosophy underlying the Geography degree programme is to produce a crop of graduates equipped with appropriate knowledge to make effective contributions to the development of Nigeria, Africa and the global community having been exposed to a broad foundation of knowledge in the field of Social Sciences in general and in the various sub-fields of Geography in particular.



  • To instil in students a sound knowledge of Geography, an appreciation of its applications in different socio-cultural contexts and to involve the students in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying the workings of
  • To provide students with broad and well balanced knowledge of geographical theories and
  • To cultivate in students the ability to apply their geographical knowledge and skills to the understanding and solution of societal problems in Nigeria and elsewhere.
  • To provide students with relevant knowledge and skill base from which they can proceed to further studies in special areas of Geography or multi- disciplinary areas involving
  • To instill in students an appreciation of the importance of Geography in spatial and environmental
  • To develop in students a range of useful competencies in public, private or self- employment.

Below are the list of Programme Geographical and Environmental Education

BSc. Ed, / B.Sc. Geography

BSc. Transport Management

S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
1GRP 101Introduction to Elements Physical Geography (I & II)
2GRP 112Introduction to Elements of Human Geography (I & II)
3GRP 121Introductory Practical Geography
4GRP 131Elementary Land Surveying
5GRP 122Introduction to Environmental Science
6GRP 201Spatial Organization of Society
7GRP 211Introduction to Population Geography (I & II)
8GRP 221Regional Geography of Nigeria & West Africa (I & II)
9GRP 231Introductory Geomorphology & Soil Geography
10GRP 301Introductory Climatology and Biogeography
11GRP 311Advanced Quantitative Techniques (I & II)
12GRP 321Regional Geography of Africa
13GRP 332Economic Geography
14GRP 331Biogeography
15GRP 401Systematic Geography of Nigeria (I & II)
16GRP 411The Developing world
17GRP 412Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
18GRP 421Population Geography
19GRP 429Project

UTME: Five SSCE credit passes to include Geography/Physics, English Language and Mathematics. 

UTME Subjects: Geography/Physics plus two other Social Science/Arts subjects.

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