Educational Management

Educational Management

The Option of the Department is in tune with the national goals of education. It is specifically aimed at producing educational administrators with high personal and professional discipline and integrity; properly equipped with the appropriate skills and intellectual depth that would make them contribute towards achieving national goals. The various skills and intellectual depth expected of those who pass through the Department are explained in the distinct courses offered in the Department. By the end of the Degree programme, the students should be able to;

1. discuss intelligently major issues affecting the teaching professsion in Nigeria

2. identify major problems of education

3. study learners appropriately as to determine the most effective ways of relating to them to ensure maximum achievement

4. select and equip themselves with administration, supervision and planning techniques  through exposures to management principles.

Below are the list of Programme Under Educational Management:

  • Educational Management

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S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
 EDM 111Basic concepts & evolution of Educational Management in Nigeria
 EDM 112Introduction to Education Policies in Nigeria 
 EDM 113Introduction to Administration Behaviours and Theories
 EDM 121Introduction to Personnel Relationship
 EDM 122Communication skills , Programmes Organization and  Time tabling in Nigeria Schools
 EDM 123Nature of Education Planning 
 EDM 125Administration of Education Law in Nigeria (1)
 EDM 211Problems and Issues in Planning Nigerian Education
 EDM 212Management of Primary and Secondary School Education 
 EDM 213Principalship 
 EDM 214Educational System Analysis 
 EDM 215Educational Supervision in Nigeria
 EDM 221Demographic Aspects of Educational Management 
 EDM 222Office Management and Record Keeping  
 EDM 223School Mapping and Plant Management 
 EDM 224Educational Policy and Reforms
 EDM 311Change and Innovation Process in Formal Organization 
 EDM 312Economics of Education
 EDM 313Use of Computer in Educational Management
 EDM 314Personnel Management and Evaluation
 EDM 315Legal aspect of Administration of Educational Law in Nigeria II
 EDM 316School Business Management
 EDM  321Research Methods in Educational Management  
 EDM 323Administration of Higher Education in Nigeria
 EDM 324School Community /Public Relations
 EDM 325Educational Finance and Evaluation
 EDM 421Principles of School Administration and Management
 EDM 421Educational Project Cost and Financial Analysis  
 EDM 422Management Theory & Organizational Behaviour 
 EDM 423Administration & Management of Exams in Schools 
 EDM 423Financial Accounting for School Management
 EDM 424Educational Agencies
 EDM 425Case Studies and Emerging Problems in Educational Management
 EDM 429Project   

Direct Entry : Two ‘A’ level passes/NCE merit in Christian Religious Studies and one other Arts subject.

UTME: Five SSCE credit passes or TC II merit in five subjects including English Language, Christian Religious Studies and three other Arts subject.

UTME Subjects: Two Arts subject including Christian Religious studies and one other subject.

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