Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychology

In this discipline area, students study education and Guidance and Counselling for the award of a Bachelor’s degree in Education Guidance and Counselling.

Philosophy and objectives:

 The Philosophy of Counselling Psychology is derived from the National philosophy of Education in Nigeria.

The aims and objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To provide a wide background in education as a field of study as basic tool for giving adequate education in guidance to
  • To expose students to studies in educational psychology and other related disciplines which will enable them adequately perform their functions of guidance counselors.
  • To generally prepare students to be able to undertake the functions of teacher/counselors in other to give academic career and social personal guidance to learners and others in need of such within the educational system
S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
1CPE 111Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
2CPE 112Introduction to Multi-cultural Counselling
3CPE 113Introduction to Psychology
4CPE 114Safety and Accident Counselling
5CPE 115Principles, Techniques and Development of Guidance & Counselling
6CPE 116Biological or Physiological Psychology
7CPE 121Ethical and Legal Issues in Counselling
8CPE 122Information Collection Techniques
9CPE 123Organisation and Administration of Guidance Counselling Services
10CPE 124Adolescence / Teenage Psychology and Counselling
11CPE 125Programme Development & Evaluation in Counselling
12CPE 126Counselling for Special Needs
13CPE 211Introduction to Clinical Psychology
14CPE 212Occupational Information, Job Analysis and Job Evaluation
15CPE 213Psychological Testing and Techniques in Continuous Ass.
16CPE 214Sex and Marital Therapy
17CPE 215Ageing, Dying and Death Counselling
18CPE 221Introduction to Culture & Psychopathology
19CPE 222Pastoral Counselling
20CPE 223Theories of Vocational Development & Career Guidance 
21CPE 224HIV/AID Counselling & Health Education
22CPE 225Disaster and Rehabilitative Counselling
23GCP 226Family Counselling & Child Guidance
24CPE 311Psychology of Adjustment
25CPE 312Abnormal/ Deviant Development Psychology
26CPE 313Behaviour Modification
27CPE 314Group Dynamics and Principle of Interpersonal Relationship
28CPE 315Theories of Counselling
29CPE 316Orthodox and Contemporary Counselling
30CPE 317Developmental Psychology
31CPE 318Inferential Statistics
32CPE 319Counselling for Special Needs
33CPE 422Elements of Guidance and Counselling
34CPE 419Practicum
35CPE 421Behaviour in Organizations
36CPE 422Techniques in Academic Achievement Analysis
37CPE 423Personality Disorder and Psychology
38CPE 424Introduction to Social Psychology & Community  Counselling 
39CPE 425Addictive Behaviour
40CPE 426Peace Studies, Conflict Management & Resolution Counselling
41CPE 429Project 

UTME: Five SSCE credit passes in five subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

UTME Subjects: The subject of specialisation and one each from Arts and Social Science or Arts and Science or Social Sciences & Sciences. 

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