Agriculture Science

Agriculture Science

S/NCourse CodeCourse Title
1AGS 111Introduction to Agriculture 
2AGS 112Introduction to Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
3AGS 121Agricultural Biometrics
4AGS 122Introduction to Agricultural Meteorology
5AGS 123Introduction to Ecotourism and Wildlife Management
6AGS 124Introduction to Animal Science
7AGS 125Farm Practice I
8AGS 211Principles of farmstead planning
9AGS 212Introduction to Soil Science
10AGS 213Principles of Forest Management
11AGS 214Principles of Agricultural Economic
12AGS 215Livestock Production I (Non-Ruminant)
13AGS 216Methods of Teaching Agriculture
14AGS 217Recreation and Eco-tourism
15AGS 218Social Process and System
16AGS 221Principles of Horticulture
17AGS 222Introduction to Statistics
18AGS 223Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals
19AGS 224Introduction to Genetics
20AGS 225Extension Teaching, Learning Process and Package Recommendation
21AGS 226Farm Practice II (Farm tools & equipment)
22AGS 311Field Crop Production
23AGS 312Fish Farming & Management
24AGS 313Livestock Production II (Non-Ruminant)
25AGS 314Agricultural Biochemistry
26AGS 315Introduction to Plant and Animal Breeding
27AGS 316Animal Health
28AGS 317Introduction to Micro-Economics
30AGS 321Livestock Production III (Ruminant)
31AGS 322Principles of Agricultural Marketing
32AGS 323Farm Business Management
33AGS 324Fish Processing, Preservation & Marketing
34AGS 325Soil and Water Conservation
35AGS 326Research Methods and Field Experimentation
36AGS 327Introduction to Macro-Economics
37AGS 328Farm Practice III (Farm & Garden Management)
38AGS 421Seminar in Agriculture
39AGS 422Soil fertility and Management
40AGS 423Pest and microorganism in Agriculture
41AGS 424Extension Organization Management and Supervision
42AGS 425Administration and Programme Planning in Extension
43AGS 426Production and Use of Audio-Visuals Aids in Agric. Communication
44AGS 427Group Dynamics in Extension
45AGS 428Youth and women programmes in extension
46AGS 429Project

.UTME: Five SSCE credits or equivalent in English Language, Chemistry, Biology/ Agricultural Science., Mathematics and another relevant subject.

UTME Subjects: Any three subjects from Chemistry,    Biology, Agriculture, Physics, Economics, Geography and Mathematics. 

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